The Gristle King

The Gristle King has been updated per the request of Greg Koch, for whom the DGTM and Gristle King were originally created. This new version now has more gain on tap than the previous versions, yet still cleans up incredibly well with your guitar volume control. The original version was geared towards single coil pickups, but Rev. 3 works equally well with single coils or humbuckers, which makes it a more universal and versatile pedal than ever before. The Tone control now has an increased range. The Phat control is Phatter than before. There is more output, or as we like to say “Gravy” that can be applied with this new version as well. The boost circuit and pre/post switch of the previous versions also remain intact. You say you want the boost before the overdrive, no problem. But wait, there are times when post may be the choice because you want a bump in volume for a lead, but not any more gain. No problem! As always, the boost and overdrive can be used together, or separately, allowing for a range of tones unmatched by other overdrive pedals.

$179, or $299

There are now 2 options for the Gristle King:
Standard Build – same circuit as the V3 Gristle King, Just made by contract manufacturing, then tested by T. Jauernig. Immediately available.

“T. Jauernig Build” – Built completely by T. Jauernig