If you would like to order a Pedal

PayPal payments can be made to : sales@tcjeffects.com

1. Use the Paypal Buttons on the Pedal Page or by contacting T. Jauernig directly and ordering.

2. You can order a Gristle King from www.gregkoch.com

3. The Kollmanation and Bombastortion can also be ordered from www.jeffkollman.com

4. By using one of the dealers below..

Dave’s Guitar Shop (The best guitar shop on the planet by the way) Dave and his staff are top notch. You would be hard pressed to find a more knowledgable group when it comes to anything guitar. www.davesguitar.com

Pedal Geek. PEDALS, PEDALS, PEDALS…….they got em’. www.pedalgeek.com

Prymaxe Vintage. Lot’s of cool stuff here. www.prymaxevintage.com

Rockhaus Guitars and Drums. All sorts of cool and out of the norm stuff here. www.rockhaus.com

Norton Cables. Fine builders of cables and custom pedalboards.

http://rcsouldriver.com for direct lint to Robbie Calvo’s site and info.

Montreux Guitars Co. Ltd. Japan www.montreuxguitars.com