Robbie-Calvo-Signature-pedalRobbie Calvo Signature “Soul Driver”  – Dual Overdrive and Compression.

I first met Robbie in 2008. You may have heard of him due to his Nashville session work or one of his many online Truefire video instruction courses. Once I heard him play, I knew this guy is not like the others! Robbie is one of those guys that when he plays the notes just sound “sweeter” than everybody else’s.

Fast forward to 2016, Robbie asked me about creating a pedal for him. One of the key elements that is different with this pedal and that Robbie wanted to incorporate, is that Robbie ALWAYS uses a compressor. What we came up with is a very unique dual channel OD and compressor all in one. When the pedal is active there is a very subtle compression circuit that is always on. This circuit is pre OD and allows you to sculpt the OD into an incredibly smooth yet articulate sound. When the pedal is bypassed, you have the choice via some internal DIP switch settings to have complete true bypass, or to have the OD bypassed, but leave the compressor engaged. (This is how Robbie prefers to roll) The OD section of the pedal is two completely separate channels, each with their own unique voice. The right side drive channel  a subtle low gain drive. The left side drive has a little bit more heft in the dirt department, and the 3 gain range settings. Robbie refers to the right side as EL84 in nature while the left side as being 6V6 in nature of tones. Between how you set the compression of the pedal and each OD, there is a very wide ranging pallet of tone colors available.