The “Khiron” Overdrive


The “Khiron” Overdrive is inspired by a certain “mythical” overdrive pedal. Notice I said “inspired by”, it is not a clone of the original. I have had numerous requests for a clone over the years, and I even thought about doing a direct clone for a brief time. But I believe my end result is as good if not better than the original.

The original circuit has a pair of “magical” germanium diodes, a couple of opamps, a charge pump that boosts the internal supply voltage on one of the opamps to 18VDC, and a buffer circuit that is always engaged.

The Khiron circuit has no charge pump, one opamp, and no buffer circuit. The clipping produced by the Khiron happens by two pairs of clipping diodes. One pair is comprised of LED’s, the other germanium. (but these germanium diodes are not any secret Russian made miracles) It’s not that they’re germanium, or from Russia that makes the tone. Well, OK germanium does have a sonic quality when used in a pedal. In the Khiron, the diodes are carefully measured for their use in the circuit. The tone control is unique in that it affects not only the treble frequencies, but also feel of the pedal. This allows you to set up your tone with your amp, then use the tone control on the pedal to match it.

The result of these changes is a pedal that can be used as a clean boost or an overdrive without coloring your tone. If you like touch sensitive natural tone