F-Bomb 3 Fuzz

The F-Bomb 3 is the third generation of the F-Bomb and harkens back to one of the classic fuzz circuits, The Jordan Bosstone.

Fuzz can be a very cool, or very heyneous effect to use depending on your perspective. But with the F-Bomb 3 there’s a little something for everybody.

From a mild overdriven sound, to thick fuzz, to sputtery mayhem, to fat subharmonic overtones there is a lot of sonic ground that can be covered by the F-Bomb


Sensitivity: This controls the signal strength into the input of the circuit, and the amount of gain/fuzz that can be achieved. Along with the sag control you can also use this to adjust the sound to compensate for different signal strengths of different guitars/pickups.

sag: the most powerful control of the F-Bomb 3. With this control all the way counter-clockwise the tone is milder in nature, more like an overdrive.  As you turn the control clockwise you’ll notice the fuzz gets thicker and then eventually into full on wacked out psychedelia!

Mini-toggle: This toggle switch is a 3 position presence control. Set it to what sounds best to your ear, and works best with your amp. This is just preset selection of very subtle high frequency filtering. Don’t expect massive differences, but it can be very useful depending on your rig. Different settings of the sensetivity and sag controls will also affect where you may want to set this toggle.

Volume: It is what it is, and you’ll find plenty of it on tap.