Black-Ops Overdrive


The BLACK-OPS overdrive is a “channel switching” overdrive that allows for two different overdrive settings, each with their own gain and volume settings. There are two LED’s (red and green) that indicate which channel is currenty engadged, and a blue LED that indicates when the pedal is active or bypassed.

The two gain channels are the same except that the GAIN 1 control has a bass cut when turned left of center, and a mid-boost when turned right of center. GAIN 2 is a standard gain control with the lowest gain settings when the control is set fully counter-clockwise.

The tone control is midrange based, and is flattest when set fully clockwise. Turning the control counter-clockwise decreases midrange and adds bite.

There is a buffer circuit that can be engaged with a toggle switch on the pedal. This is useful when using the pedal with other pedals to help retain the tone that can be affected by impedance mismatch.

There are two trim pots you can adjust that are internal to the pedal. These adjust gain in key positions in the circuit. One adjusts gain across all frequencies, the other just the treble frequencies.