The Luxury Overdrive

Based on the same basic circuit as the original Luxury Overdrive,but 3 distinct flavors of clipping added.

The Gristle King V3

This version  has more gain on tap than the previous versions, yet still cleans up incredibly well

The Bombastortion

If you love the big fat lead tones of say Gary Moore, you will need to look no further.

Luxury Drive/Boost

The T Jauernig Luxury Drive is a clean boost designed specifically to be used along with your dirt boxes.


The Diabolical Gristle Tone Manipulator: Gristle, Tone and Gravy is all you need .

Reverie Reverb

The Reverie Reverb is a design that uses a Belton Reverb Module,It simulates a long decay spring reverb.

The Kollmanation

The “Kollmanation” Signature Jeff Kollman Dual Drive Pedal has arrived! KILLER tones !!!!!!!!

Ricochet Delay

This is a digital delay based on the PT2399 IC. The pedal offers 600ms of analog type delay.

Gristle King V3
  • The new circuit by Tim Jauernig has more smooth, sustainy overdrive with more output and the clean boost side has been improved as well. The old Gristle Kings were bold, but this thing is a tool of sonic reckoning! Handwired goodness is back again…Come and FEAST…

    Like the Rev 1, and Rev 2, Rev 3 of the Gristle King continues to bring righteous tone for days. This time around, some small tweaks have been made to the overdrive (Gristle) side of the pedal. There is now more available gain on tap, the tone control works over a broader range, and humbucking pickups now sound just as good as single coils.

    Greg Koch
    Guitar Wizard

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